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Harry potter theories and wants.

I am doing this not for spoilers, so that I can see what others thought may or may not happen, or what they wanted to happen, in relation to the new book. If you want to post your theory without reading mine or others, just click the comment button. I think, if anyone posts here, I'd love to come back after I have read the book and seen what others wanted, and how spot on we may or may not have been

Bone of contention Number 1 - University

So I am back at university just now, and it is already going to kill me. I am falling asleep in class already. ROFL. But thats just me, I am always tired and when they pull out the introductory shit again I just blank out - come on most people in the electives are in years 3 and above, they know this stuff! STFU!

I am in two minds on whether or not to continue with Intellectual Property. IP is a very demanding subject and the lecturer is weird. He is really apathetic one day, and so full of emotion the next - narky at those who ask stupid questions and ecstatic at the ones he feels ask good questions, which by the way, were so goddamn obvious that I did not need the question to be asked or even referred to. 

Also being back to uni means being back to those friends. The friends you only see at uni - some you try to keep in contact with over holidays, and those you are happy to not keep in contact with. Maybe being ignored by the first is karma payback for you not catching up with the second group. I don't know, theres some friendships you know will always be university related and thats it. And both sides are happy with that, but theres others that are kind of in this friendship limbo. Weird.

Also when uni friends bring what I so lovingly call High school politics and tactics into friendships, its so much easier to cut them off. Grow the fuck up, leave the name calling the ignoring, the talking to someone as a last resort at high school and just be a friend or not. Simple.

Bone of contention Number 2 - Harry potter leak. DO.NOT.WANT

I AM IGNORING THE NET, I AM IGNORING THE NET, I AM IGNORING THE NET. Currently I am not going on myspace, or on LJ communities except Aus MCRmy and chemicalromance, in fear of having this thing ruined for me. I cannot have this ruined for me. Why would anyone want to try to ruin it this close to getting the book in their hot little hands. This completely escapes me. I hate reading PDF's on the internet, this is reading photographs - killer on the eyes, but still people are doing it. Imagine even having to photograph 759 pages and upload them. Fucking ridiculous.
Oh and America is the source of another leak ... again. Some distributor sent copies to over 1200 customers. Yeah, because the large letters on the box stating when the box can be contractually opened is a real killer to understand.

So, the news has been out for a day now, and I am sure you have already all heard about it. Seriously, with the amount of chatter concerning the subject on the internet I would be surprised if anyone with an internet connection hadn't stumbled across it. Mikey Way, the loveable bassist of My Chemical Romance, has decided to take some time off. But not just for any old reason - but to spend time - a honeymoon - with his new bride Alicia.

And for some reason, too many fans are begrudging him this. I am fed up reading about how unprofessional, selfish, inconsiderate and spineless Mikey Way 'supposedly is'. Imagine seeing this is you are Mikey, his friends, his family or even his new wife. Imagine seeing this if you had given so much time, and so much of yourself to a fandom which is now begrudging you a little time to be a new husband.

Imagine it being you, in your current position - but as a new spouse. What would you think?

You wouldn't like it. You wouldn't see it as rational.

I hate the fact that I want/feel the need to systematically go through this just to try to make something which is obviously natural, normal and acceptable even more overtly natural, normal and acceptable to the many who fail to see it. Many people who hate MCR are talking about the spontaneous combustion of the fandom over an issue that is so small, it shouldn’t even be discussed. I agree with them. This is the worlds easiest issue – someone wants some time off work – yet it is being inflated into something else. And because of this stupid escalation of the craziness, the fans, like me, who were willing to simply let it slide, need to try and qualify why they think its okay. Well, you want qualification…. Prepare to meet my inner nerd.



Congratulations on your marriage Mikey. I wish you and Alicia all the happiness in the world. You both deserve it, and you both deserve this time together – you earned it - with blood, sweat, tears.

Best wishes for ever and ever.





I think I may be getting a crush on Patrick Stump... its not my fault, hes just too damn adorable and you wanna squish him in the biggest bear hug you could possibly give.

Its from listening to Infinity on High - Thriller and Golden, especially Golden. That boys got skills.

I think I just love that voice... so expressive. Im too old for crushes!! ha ha ha..... 23 soon *cries*

so on wednesday (7/3) it was finally time to see fall out boy. It was finally time to put them to the test... could they cut it live? was pete wentz an arrogant berk? was all their fan teenie girls wanting to see his penis in real life?

well. I got my answer to these questions - and I was absolutely surprised to find out that most of my preconcieved notions were unfounded and unjust.


and this is gonna give me nightmares. is it wrong I felt sad when watching this, its not funny at all

best to watch this one... my one....

thanks to naynayxcore for talking to me tonight! you rock my stripey socks, which as all people know are the coolest socks around!
I'm kind of having this little semi crisis, but I'm keeping it all bottled up. I'm starting to feel swamped - emotionally, physically, in every way I can think and feel.
My health is starting to decline again, I know the tests I have just had and am about to have (I am still to have an MRI and tests under anesthetic) that the results wont be the best. I know I'll probably need a blood transfusion soon, I'm due for another infusion of infliximab (read mice proteins) and that I'm beginning to take sleeping tablets to sleep and night, and to not dream (I'd love some of Dumbledores dreamless sleep).
Add to this the fact that I'm working more hours as a checkout chick serving the most goddamn awful people. (a woman with 6 kids complained to me after I told her son he could not lift 6 baskets over his head from the counter taller than him to put back due to health risks for him [sueing risks for us].... she said, "Id like to see her with 6 children" - well honey I would never have six kids, and Id never let them behave the way yours does if I did).
And also uni is going back. My computer still needs reformatred, my room still needs cleared.

But, then I feel selfish feeling this way as some friends are going through some really hard times of their own - hence my bottling inside choice. I want to be there for them - Ive sent messages and emails, I know I should call. But sometimes I feel like I cant talk... my chest just constricts, and I find it hard to breathe. Im working on something special for my bestfriend... a scrapbrooking frame. Hopefully that can show what my words (or lack of talking) are failing too.

Ive just gotta suck this up and move the fuck on....
I love messages!! he he.... so you may leave me 
- random
- meaningful
- whatever ones


woot woot

So on Sunday, I went to Gumbaya Park

so that explains why I saw a lot of cocks!! ha ha. The reason I had to get a shot (had it this afternoon :( ) - one of the white cockatoos bit me, drawing blood, after it decided that my scratches/tickles were not frequent enough..... damn demanding parrot thing.

So where to start - I know.... what do you wear or do at gumbaya park? Well you take emo shots, and you wear this.....

How stupid do I look with that expression! Lol.... my hair is a mess to - which is really bad as i bought this new super dooper hair straighener and my boofy hair is now flat - I just had to tie it back at the park for the rides... LOL

My Final Sunday in Australia for 2006

I have never seen so many cocks in my entire life.

I think I need to have a shot.