July 19th, 2007

g and b

Sharons weekly rant - The first one, lets see how 'weekly' this happens

Bone of contention Number 1 - University

So I am back at university just now, and it is already going to kill me. I am falling asleep in class already. ROFL. But thats just me, I am always tired and when they pull out the introductory shit again I just blank out - come on most people in the electives are in years 3 and above, they know this stuff! STFU!

I am in two minds on whether or not to continue with Intellectual Property. IP is a very demanding subject and the lecturer is weird. He is really apathetic one day, and so full of emotion the next - narky at those who ask stupid questions and ecstatic at the ones he feels ask good questions, which by the way, were so goddamn obvious that I did not need the question to be asked or even referred to. 

Also being back to uni means being back to those friends. The friends you only see at uni - some you try to keep in contact with over holidays, and those you are happy to not keep in contact with. Maybe being ignored by the first is karma payback for you not catching up with the second group. I don't know, theres some friendships you know will always be university related and thats it. And both sides are happy with that, but theres others that are kind of in this friendship limbo. Weird.

Also when uni friends bring what I so lovingly call High school politics and tactics into friendships, its so much easier to cut them off. Grow the fuck up, leave the name calling the ignoring, the talking to someone as a last resort at high school and just be a friend or not. Simple.

Bone of contention Number 2 - Harry potter leak. DO.NOT.WANT

I AM IGNORING THE NET, I AM IGNORING THE NET, I AM IGNORING THE NET. Currently I am not going on myspace, or on LJ communities except Aus MCRmy and chemicalromance, in fear of having this thing ruined for me. I cannot have this ruined for me. Why would anyone want to try to ruin it this close to getting the book in their hot little hands. This completely escapes me. I hate reading PDF's on the internet, this is reading photographs - killer on the eyes, but still people are doing it. Imagine even having to photograph 759 pages and upload them. Fucking ridiculous.
Oh and America is the source of another leak ... again. Some distributor sent copies to over 1200 customers. Yeah, because the large letters on the box stating when the box can be contractually opened is a real killer to understand.
me and dan - apparently he rules

Harry potter theories and wants.

I am doing this not for spoilers, so that I can see what others thought may or may not happen, or what they wanted to happen, in relation to the new book. If you want to post your theory without reading mine or others, just click the comment button. I think, if anyone posts here, I'd love to come back after I have read the book and seen what others wanted, and how spot on we may or may not have been

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