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so on wednesday (7/3) it was finally time to see fall out boy. It was finally time to put them to the test... could they cut it live? was pete wentz an arrogant berk? was all their fan teenie girls wanting to see his penis in real life?

well. I got my answer to these questions - and I was absolutely surprised to find out that most of my preconcieved notions were unfounded and unjust.


I went to see fall out boy with my delighful little brother called matthew. Here we are on the train - when on public transport it is always an imperitive to document the experience with shots for your myspace.

Whilst on the train there was this group of 5 girls - teenies - writing I love FOB on their arms with whiteboard marker (yes whiteboard, going for permenent marker is too hardcore). They were loud and annoying and making me anxious as to what I was about to see at the gig. They were arguing over a ticket - one of them had sold another girls (not there) ticket as she didnt come to collect it, but this other girl had paid her. The girl on the train said it was hers legally, and that the other girl was getting her money back so there was no issue, and as it was hers legally she could sell it. As a law student I was appaulled - she may have possession of the ticket, but a clear contract had taken place between her and the other girl, and by selling that ticket again she breached contract law. Also, by recieving money for the ticket and retaining it until the girl could pick it up property law would argue that a constructive trust had arisen. This means that train girl was under an ethical, and legal, obligation to hold the ticket for the girl. If the girl didnt get it in time, then thats her issue. Also Equity, if contract and propery law fails, would step in, saying it was unconscionable for train girl to sell the ticket.

And that was going through my head before a gig O.O - my brother was busy playing street fighter on his phone.

We got to the venue, and saw Tegan before we went in. We chatted for a few minutes, but as it was getting close to start time and we had to get our wristbands, go to bathroom, merch stop etc we went in. The first thing I noticed was a sign saying no cameras at all O.O. How rude. So my camera went down my pants, and as much as people want to get in my pants, the security lady didnt check there so I and my camera were sweet.

We got our wrist bands (but unfortunately had to give up our tickets for them - we only managed to get a rear GA ticket at the end of the night) then went to get merch. I got the blue tee with the falling love bombs. I got Bec a cool yellow one with little ghostie thingies on it. I like the yellow one, but I look shit in yellow.

We went to the pitt which was slowly getting fuller -people were sitting waiting for the show to start. we took a place at the back of the pitt and sat and waited too.

Avalon Drive were first up, and boy were they amazing. The lead singers voice is amazing, and balances perfectly with the other instruments. The guitar were rocking (some emo guitar moments he he) and the keyboard was jamming, and the drummer just went off. I loved them. We the guitarist and the end of the night, and spoke to him. My brother had a guitar conversation with him -apparently he plays a Squire - and I stood there looking like an idiot. He he. Then Matthew asked if they had an album out, too which the guy replied they had too EP's and were releasing an album at the end of the year. He looked so excited. So we told him we would check them out, good luck with the album, and hopefully see him soon. He shook our hands and went off to find a bathroom - except a bunch of boys accosted him after we did. Lol.

Next up were Trial Kennedy. Shit, here was another amazing aussie band that I have to listen to. That singers voice blew myself and my brother away. There was one song that they did, that sampled Stairway to Heaven - the vocals and lyrics - and he nailed it. He had rearranged the song, but shit it gave me goosebumps. The notes he held, the emotion he conveyed. It was amazing. After Avalon Drive my brother had said, lets go - this isnt going to get any better. After Trial Kennedy, I felt the same. Fall Out Boy couldnt deliver the vocals the way these two bands did.


I was wrong


Fall Out Boy started with a weird intro thing. i forget what it was saying, maybe that the band werent there, or that this was some weird trippy mind crap. I do not know. Then they appeared and began with Our Lawyer I think. They nailed it - the crowd was in such a fury. The pitt went off, it was probably one of the fiercest pits I had seen. The Melbourne MCR one was bad for a few people, this one went off cos of a whole lot of people. HA HA HA. But it was a fun fierce, not a smack that bogan with a chair fierce (although there were a few people I wanted to do that too!!) The crowd was also diverse too - a lot of girls, but also a lot of boys. I was one of the oldest there for sure, but like MCR at Melb BDO I was surprised to see some bald muscly tattoed men in front of me in the pit!! HA HA HA.

Patrick has a great voice, it carries well although there were times the music drowned him out. Pete is the speaker despite not being the vocalist - he is considered the bands spokesperson as he is the lyricist and the publicised member (why he probably gets such a bad wrap). You could tell that Patrick is a shy boy. He had his trademark hat on, and then for the encore he hid behind his hoodie too. Too me that wasnt arrogance, that was shyness. But pete hiding behind his hoodie was arrogance as he is keen to put himself out there. But he rarely did it, instead having it pushed back or giving the crowd little looks when he had it up.

I loved hearing their title singles - Dance, Dance and Sugar We're Goin' Down. These went off in the pitt. Even if you had a little energy, you still went off like a mad hatter.

Joe was great. He got the crowd worked up, and ran all over the stage. I loved how he did little actions to show the lyrics, like tap his head for "Ive got headaches" He made me LOL. And even after seeing him live he still reminds me of Dewie from Malcolm in the Middle.

XO is a favourite so hearing it dedicated to "the girls, who came here for the right reasons - the music" was funny. I dont like it when bands say stupid stuff like your country has the most beautiful women (brandon from panic!) but this one from wentz I didnt mind as it was sincere and a dig at teenies. The one where he said he might come back to australia and find a girl was stupid. Oh god, I ROFL'd when he said that finally coming to Australia was like "meeting the girl you had a crush on in high school later, and getting to make out with her" Hmmmm - wentz, australia may be good, but dont compare us to a cheap high school floozy thanks.

They had a mate come out for encore. He was in cricket whites, and had a cricket bat with "dirty killer" written on it. He got another guy to pull out a guy and a girl from the audience to smack his ass with the cricket bat. YES thats right, at fall out boy the encore man teaches your kids sexual perversion. So they guy hit him - he called him a pussy and booed him into the crowd, then the girl hit him - he said it wasnt hard either. So he gets his mate to hit him to show what it was supposed to be like. All i heard was crash, and he was floored. God those americans are idiots.

Fall Out Boy came back and finished with a few other songs, I think it was here they did XO.

All in all, it was a great night. My brother and I had seen three amazing live acts, and had had a great time. As we were leaving I spotted one of Joes plectrums/picks on the floor. I went to grab it and some girl seen what I was doing and tried to get it. My brother put his foot in and claimed it as his, and she went away with squished fingers. HA HA. suits me fine. I picked it up, and gave it to matthew. It was a gator grip and had joes head on the back so you knew it was one of his. Matthew has been playing his guitar with it for inspiration! Lol.

I think this has turned into a huge blog. Ah well, it was worth it. I would definately pay to see these boys again. Especially if I have this buddy in the pit again, looking after me and my scar.

As for the flu thing - I had to skip uni today (Ive missed so much and its only two weeks back!). Im sneezing all over the place, running hot and cold, and looking like a druggie. Lol... worth it!!

Oh and this was recently youtubed by me - another is to come when my computer lets me.....

SUGAR from the pit :P


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Mar. 14th, 2007 12:23 pm (UTC)
I think I saw your brother after the show! I remember the shirt!

Avalon Drive are amazing, their lead singers a sweetie - he spoke to my friends and I for ages at hellogoodbye. I can upload their newer ep for you, if you want?

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, it was an AMAZING SHOW. I think they convinced a lot of people that they were damn good.

Bring on the next tour!
Mar. 14th, 2007 12:31 pm (UTC)
you seen boy? yeah! he is noticable as he is crazy like me! lol. he also had to wait a while outside the girls bathroom as i battled my way in there! rofl

i am planning a trip to jb to get the eps of avalon, i like having CD's. but thanks for the offers. i may accept it actally come to think of. im getting really poor. ah i dont know....lol

they convinced heaps- i think that people realised they arent the jokers and the scapegoats they are made out to be - they are musicians, and thats what they love, soooo good they were, soo good

Mar. 15th, 2007 11:40 am (UTC)
I'm almost certain I did! I remember the shirt and wanting the shirt!

I think the self titled is really hard to find and it makes me sad. City... should be easy to find, and it's only $14.

They're amazing boys. I'm seriously in love with them like Pete's in love with attention.

Next tour, you'll have to join us with our picnic!
Mar. 15th, 2007 02:39 am (UTC)
Wow! I'm so jealous! I really really wanted to go to this concert, but couldn't afford it (with living in NZ and all) but my best friend went and he LOVED it!

You're studying law??? I completed my law degree at the start of last year (although I'm currently working in marketing and not law). I'm moving to Sydney later this year and hopefully will try and get a legal position then. How much longer do you have to go?
Mar. 15th, 2007 07:12 am (UTC)
ah money is such an issue, especially when so many good acts are coming over or are rumoured to be coming over. my pennies are being saved for those exploits.

wow, congrats on completing the law degree! i know how hard it is so let me give you kudos! law is such a diverse thing it helps you in everything, good on you for having a jon i say. i am a poorly check out chick (the shame).

i am in my second last year of law, which means im in the mad process of getting letters together to apply for clerkships, which will hopefully lead to offers for articles. the drama llama with this degree... sheesh
Mar. 20th, 2007 04:16 am (UTC)
Hahaha I went to that concert as well! It was much better than the luna park one the next night. FOB were awesome, but the venue just sucked and they played like thrash metal in between the supports and FOB. oh and half the crowd was wearing fluro shorts, shirts, shoes. and glo-sticks. looked like a rave. o_o
Mar. 23rd, 2007 03:23 am (UTC)
thats just weird. fluro shirts should have been left in the 80's along with a lot of pete wentz's attire! ha ha.

the luna park venue was alright when i seen MCR there, i guess a crowd will always dictate how you like something or not... shame on the weird rave arse crowd.

such a good time though - shattered all expectations... amazing!
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