Random thought sharon, I mean sharing #2

Okies - here are my random thoughts and doings of today

1) Halloween is shite in Australia. Kids (the few who dare do it) do not even know the concept of telling a joke or giving a performance to get the treat... they just want. Most don't even dress up..... now when I was a kid (ROFL)

2) I bought a jack head back pack today. Jack is such a cool character, and having his face as a backback is just awesome...

3) Do not drink 3 litres of juice and then go on a long drive

4) Neighbours yards are not for pissing in, expecially in broad day light - silly halloween kids.

5) I have a lovely bunch of coconuts

6) I bought a tree house of horrors kit thing to make up burns in a coffins.... it comes in a little coffin box too - so double the coffins = double the fun

7) Go banana

Until next time - remember - gnoccis is potatoes not pastas.... put a sticker on it

Just random thought sharing

So I get lotsa things on my mind. all the time. Its weird, when I am busy all my thoughts fly through my head, but when I am not I am more at peace. Seems that it should be the other way around.
I have had a date "semi" confirmed for hospital - november 2nd. Ill post again later when its confirmed, as you may be wondering why that annoying chick hasnt posted on the communities for over a week! Lol. Im nervous about it - but happy. This is when my life turns around. This is when normality hopefully comes back to me. Im tired of being the odd one out for other reasons than my personality. Yeah my personality makes me odd, but Im fine with that - thats me. I hate being odd becuase of my illness - thats when people really wanna fit in.
But I've found new friends - even if they are my internet friends! They are just as good as I know I will meet them all. So Im more content - and more happy being me than I have ever been before.

Other things on my mind are the aus_mcrmy, and how we can improve it and step up. Every one has been so wonderful, aussies have really taken to this, that its a shame we never had it before. Im proud to be a part of this - and I love every second of it. I just hope, that maybe MCR will hear of us, and be appreciative. I guess thats my only goal - yeah I really wanna meet them - but more than anything, I just wanna give back a little, as they have given me sooo much. I dont think its coincidence that I will be getting my hands on the new album just before I am to go back into hospital. i think its fate - my surgery should have been earlier, its not. I think the universe is pushing me again....... and im happy with that!


turk and jd

My My Chemical Romance stalking tour, I mean admiring tour is really happening

I'm totally loving this - I have tickets for the three big day outs I'll be attending
Melbourne (home town)

and I have some lovely/crazy/cookie banana's to come with me


We are gonna have lotsa fun - and crazy stalking adventures. Never mind the joke phrase "There was this one time at band camp" - the new one will be "there was this one time, while stalking MCR"

we are so gonna put the mmmm in MCR.

If not - we'll just send jules nuts (she better make me pancakes and banana splits)

turk and jd

Im gonna give this a go

Okay - i cannot be on Live Journal, and not really have the journal happening

So as of today - well maybe tomorrow. I will try to post something here. May be dumb (like me) may be random (again like me).... but it will always be, well just me - Chemicallyme

wow that was really lame

Anyhoo - i have to go offline soon ....a pile of dishes needs to be washed, and my brothers have left me with them... idjits

Until next time (who am I talking to - no one will read this shit)

Have fun